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About Us

Our company

iHotel LLC is established in 2014 to provide consulting service for hotels. Since 2016, the company developing online reservation system (online travel agency) called iHotel.mn for online hotels, resorts and tourist camps. Now we are cooperating over 400 hotels, resorts and tourist camps and doing their direct reservation through our system.


  • 2018Asian top 100

  • 2019SEEDSTARS National Winner

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  • 2019

    - Founded
    - Started to develop iHotel HIP
    - Mongolia
    - Pre seed round
  • *

    - Seed round Investment
    - Philippines, Kazakhstan, Vietnam
    - Online rooming system
    - Pre seed round
  • *

    - Turkey, Estonia, Romania, Belarus, Latvia, Azerbaijan
    - Series A
    - AR, Property management
  • *

    - Bangladesh, Pakistan
    - Starlink project implement
    - MarketPlace System